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BACDS March 2010 Electronic Mailing

BACDS sponsors English and American traditional dances in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is fun, relatively easy, community-oriented dancing with live music. All dances are taught, no partner is necessary, and first-timers are welcome unless otherwise noted.

BACDS Quarterly Calendar

See all the dances and special events for April-June of 2010.

Bay Area Country Dancer, #81 - March 2010

The BACDS; newsletter. Catch up on all the local dance news.  In this issue:

  • Come to Family Week! (by Jerry Allen)
  • A Playful Correspondence about an Elegant Affair (by Shirley Worth and Ric Goldman)
  • Twirling for Guys (by Jens Dill)
  • Act Quickly! Country Dance and Song Society Scholarships (by Alan Winston)
  • The President's Corner (by Jens Dill)
  • Volunteer Thanks
  • Gender Balancing: Can It Be Done Fairly? (by Jens Dill)
  • Balance the Bay advertisement
  • Other Notes
  • Upcoming Events
  • Notorious Bay Area Tour
  • American Dance and Music Week advertisement

Dancer #81 PDF issue

You can still Register for the Spring Fling Dance Weekend

March 19-21, 2010, Aptos

There's still some space available at the new BACDS Spring Dance Weekend?  With parallel all-American and all-English dance tracks, you can do one or the other or mix it up at your choice.  We'll also be focusing on real workshops about style, technique, and those little flourishes to delight newcomer and experience dancers alike.  Check out the flyer, go to the website, and sign-up for the discussion list to help say what YOU want at camp.

Morris and May Day celebrations

May 1, 2010

Every year, BACDS teams and others dance the sun up and celebrate the day in Santa Cruz, Palo Alto, San Francisco and Berkeley. It's an age-old tradition - we've been doing it for decades! This year, it's a Saturday, so there'll be dancing all day.

New location and detailed flyer for the Chuck Ward Award Ceremony

March 28, 2010, Albany

The CDSS Lifetime Contribution Award is going to one of our local treasures - Chuck Ward.  Check out this afternoon of music, song, dance, tributes to Chuck, and tales of his musical pranks and escapade. Response has been so strong that we've moved the ceremony and celebration to a much larger venue, the Albany Veteran's Hall

Notorious tours the Bay Area

June 16 - 27, 2010

The fabulous Notorious will play contra dances (Berkeley, San Rafael, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Hayward), dance weekend (Faultline Frolic in San Rafael), do house concerts (San Rafael, Oakland) and run a music workshop (Hayward). Enjoy them, dancing or listening!

Not too late to register for American Week

July 3-10, 2010, Mendocino

Celebrate and share your passions for music and dance during this week long camp in the Mendocino Woodlands, offering a kaleidoscope of dance, music, and learning experiences wrapped in serious fun and heartfelt camaraderie.

March 15 is the postmark deadline for English Week

July 10-17, 2010, Mendocino

Come prepared to participate in an English dance camp experience that has been exhilarating campers for more than 20 years!  Spend your days going from class to class beneath the soaring redwoods, learning new skills and polishing old, and spend your nights dancing to glorious music in a hall full of friends. 

Family Week

July 4-10, 2010, Sonora

Join us for six days full of dancing, music, crafts, swimming, games and too much fun at Foothill Horizons Outdoor School near Sonora, Ca.

Registration is open for Balance the Bay

August 13-15, 2010 in San Francisco.

Callers Lisa Greenleaf, Susan Petrick, bands The Latter Day Lizards and the OpporTunists make for a rocking weekend in the City by the Bay.

Looking for more places to dance?

We've compiled a list of Contra and English country dance venues that we know of in the area and put them on easy to use summary with an at-a-glance look at the dancing month.  Check 'em out (and let us know if we missed any)!

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