“This camp creates a family around & with your own family. It is togetherness, fun, heart-full & a blast for all ages!”

Family Week has been the absolute highlight of my summer. It’s a week of music, dance, crafts, and community – all things everyone could do with more of in our lives.

“Such a joy to see my children shine in such an appreciative setting.”

“BACDS Family Week isn’t just about ‘Dance’… it’s 6 days of community, immersion & sheer joy of art, song, movement, children & people.”

It’s like Brigadoon. Once every 52 weeks a magical village appears in the redwoods, filled with music & laughter.

“This is a crash course in the positive aspects of music, dance, family & community.”

“Absolutely unequaled for its ability to teach a variety of skills in dance, music, craft & games in a fun and supportive environment that strengthens family bonds and creates strong friendships which can last through childhood and through life. We are all better at our life work for having spent time at camp.”

“The best of what family can be.”

Family Week is a great place to bring up kids. They make lifelong friends and become responsible adults.

“This is the best camp for kids I’ve ever seen—and it’s wonderful for adults too! My kids grew so much in self confidence. They loved camp.”

“Family Week is a great place to bring your whole family, small children, teens, parents—there’s something for everyone. Take a contra dance class with your youngest. Introduce your teen to music through choral singing. Build stronger bonds in your family through a magical shared experience.”

“I feel blessed that I can give myself and my son the experience of such a joyful, loving, fun community.”

“I liked dancing and making friends.”

Great for high energy kids…and their parents! 🙂

“Community, sharing, music, dance, play – you can almost watch people grow.”

“Everyone is welcome & by the end of the week, it’s like family.”

“This camp, at first I thought it was going to be weird, but now that it’s the last day, I realize I loved it. Loved it <3!”

A safe instant creative community where newcomers are welcome, you can try out new things, kids are totally engaged, and meals are cooked for you! Come play @ Family Week.

“Camp is nice, really so nice.”