BACDS Family Week

Music & Dance Camp:
June 23 – 29, 2024

Family Week has been sharing folk dance traditions for decades. Enjoy a parental paradise, where children and adults learn from skilled instructors, revel in live music, share crafts, and showcase talents as part of this all-ages community. Dive into a week-long get-away under the majestic California redwoods with

  • Morning age-based kids classes
  • Afternoons for less-structured play
  • Indoor lodging or Teen Town tents
  • 6 nights, 17 meals included in cost
  • Pied Piper Parade — kids bedtime ritual
  • Roving babysitters let adults dance and chat at night

This video shows the types of dance, music, special events, and people you will find at camp. We have since moved to a different location, thus the specific visuals of the site and dining are not representative. 

“An amazing experience! The young adults who have grown up at this camp are evidence of a very special community.”

For parents and guardians, Family Week provides a supportive community, well-rounded meals, activities for all ages, and structure for your kids’ days. Enjoy dancing, jamming, and crafting with your children, or let someone else direct them in their activities while you pursue your own. 

For kids, this is a chance to explore dance with peers and adults during the day. Among Family Week’s offerings: small group instrumental instruction, dancing with sticks and swords, performing a joke or skit for the whole community, and stilt-walking. 

For non-parents with a cherished child among their loved ones, Family Week offers a chance to connect with that child away from the normal patterns of modern life.