Photo Release

To facilitate the depiction of the fun of camp life in pictures, which often include large groups of people dancing or playing together, we ask that campers agree to this photo release when they register.

This photo release grants to BACDS permission to use and publish photographs or video, in print or electronically, for any lawful purpose, including without limitation publicity, illustration, and advertising. Notwithstanding that grant, if you see a picture you don’t like, let familyweek@bacds.org know and we’ll take it down to the extent possible.

If you do not agree to the photo release, we would still like to see you at camp, and we will contact you to understand how best to respect your choices.

Many campers enjoy taking and sharing photos and recordings of the people, outfits, and performances at camp. This use is not covered by this photo release. In general, if you wish to record any callers, teachers, or musicians, please get the performers’ permission.

Use of Technology

We realize how difficult it is for many of us not to be constantly electronically connected to the world. One important goal of family week is that we create a close community with our fellow campers away from the pressures and distractions of everyday life. In order to achieve this goal, it is important that our participants not use cell phones or electronic devices other than as cameras or recorders.

There is no internet access at camp. We don’t allow children to leave camp, and we strongly discourage adults from doing so. Cell phones do work, but please–turn them off, lock them in your car, or put them in airplane mode. If you are an adult and must make a call in order to keep your world from ending, you may discreetly go off into the woods somewhere where no camper will see or hear you.

For adults with extenuating circumstances that require them to interact with the outside world, we will endeavor to provide one space away from the heart of camp with internet access. 

COVID & Illness

Five days before camp (Tuesday), please start being extra COVID conscious. For example, avoid indoor group activities or mask.

Three days before camp (Thursday), please test.

At check-in (Sunday), everyone must show a same-day picture of themselves with their negative rapid COVID test. Please test before you drive to camp.

Tuesday during camp, everyone must test again. Please pack tests and bring extra if you can.

If someone tests positive at camp, we may require everyone to mask indoors and for outdoor classes where there is close contact for a few days and test again. Please pack well-fitting N95, KF94 or similar masks.

Unless otherwise announced, masks are optional at camp. If someone develops symptoms but does not test positive, we will ask them to mask indoors.

For five days after camp ends, if you test positive, let familyweek@bacds.org know, so that we can alert the community.

Proof of vaccination is not required in 2024.

This policy promotes our goals of holding a fun camp and protecting our community, some of whom are older or immunocompromised and need to minimize the possibility of Long COVID. In recent years, some campers have masked all week, some part of the week, and some never; all choices are respected.