Balance the Bay 2024 Schedule
August 16-18, 2024 in San Francisco, CA


Event Schedule (time slots are set but performer assignments are subject to change)

Friday night6:30pmHall opens
7:00-7:30pmCouple DancingRiptide
7:30-9:15pmContraRiptide + Jacqui Grennan
9:30-11:15pmContraCountercurrent + Maia McCormick
Saturday9:00amHall opens (breakfast
items available)
9:30-10:00amCouple DancingRiptide
10:00-12:30pmContra (see note below)Riptide + Maia
12:30-2:00pmLunch on your own (1.5 hours)
2:00-2:30pmContra MedleyCountercurrent + Jacqui & Maia
2:45-5:00pmContraCounterCurrent + Jacqui
5:30pm-7:00pmCatered dinner onsite
Saturday NightContra Party - theme: Cirque de la Bay
7:40-9:15pmContraCountercurrent + Maia
9:15-9:45pmSpecial Dessert break
9:45-11:15pmContraRiptide + Jacqui
Sunday9:30amHall opens (breakfast
items available)
10:00-10:30amCouple dancingCountercurrent
10:30-12:30pmContraCountercurrent + Jacqui
12:30-2:00pmLunch on your own (1.5 hours)
2:40-5:00pmContraRiptide + Maia
5:15-6:00pmContra Super SetBoth Bands & Callers!

NOTE: During parts of the Saturday morning session, Maia will offer encouragement, guidance, and tips for those wanting to become more comfortable with role swapping. Dancers will not be obligated to swap roles.