Balance the Bay 2024 Payment
August 16-18, 2024 in San Francisco, CA

Pay Your Registration Fee

(If you are paying for individual sessions and not for the full weekend, go to this page.)

To secure your registration, please pay electronically or postmark your check within 3 days of registering.

1 - Calculate Amount Due

Please calculate a single amount to cover all registrations & any donations you are paying. Add a small service charge of $5 per person if using PayPal or Venmo.

Sample fee calculations
(All donations will be used to subsidize younger dancers!)
Registration Types & Combos PayPal or Venmo Check Optional
Adult (1) $190 $185 + Donation
Adults (2) $380 $370 + Donation
Young Adult $95 to $175 $90 to $170 + Donation
Adult + Young Adult $285 to $365 $275 to $355 + Donation
Work Trade Adult $100 $95 + Donation
Work Trade Young Adult $0 to $85 $0 to $80 + Donation

2 - Pay (choose a method)


Click on the "Donate" button below. You will have the option of paying through your PayPal account or via a debit or credit card. PLEASE NOTE: Your transaction will be seen as a "donation" to Bay Area County Dance Society.

Additional help with PayPal screens: Besides entering the amount you are paying, there are two other fields to set during the PayPal checkout process.

  1. Select the registration description that fits best from the drop down on the initial screen.
  2. On the final screen, click the light gray text "Enter registrant name(s)" and a field will appear where you can type in information to help us apply the payment correctly. For example, explain if you are paying for multiple people, or including a donation, or paying a different amount than the usual registration fees. Then press the Donate Now button.


This option is for people who have a Venmo account and ONLY works through their smartphone app. Log in, look for the "Charity" category, and type in Balancethebay. (You may need to show more charities.) You will see this if you found the correct organization:

If you are paying for more than yourself, please add a note with the names of the registrants.

NOTE: Do not send money to the Bay Area Country Dance Society @BACDS (Businesses category)! While the correct charity account's organization is also Bay Area County Dance Society, the bank accounts for the business and the charity categories are different!


Make the check out to "BACDS" and include a note with the names of any additional dancers you are paying for. Send to:

Cathy Clary, 813 Bantam Way, Petaluma, CA 94952