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English Country Dance Workshop

Saturday, February 1, 2020, 2:00-5:00 pm
St. Mark's Episcopal Church
600 Colorado Avenue, Palo Alto, CA

Price at the door: $20

This year's workshop is for experienced dancers who want to keep growing in skill. There are several dimensions in which we can grow:

  • A fresh look at fundamentals always reveals new or deeper places and ways to apply them.
  • Now that you are comfortable with figures, timing, etc., you can attend to fine details such as when, how and why to release hands. Those can improve your partner's dancing, often without their noticing.
  • Where you place your attention affects how you move, how you hear the music, and what it feels like to dance with you.
Bruce will teach 2—3 points in each of those dimensions and let you practice with a dance that illustrates each. There will also be one dance at the experienced level, just for fun.

Music for the session will be provided by the superb duo of Bill Jensen and Mary Tabor.

Bruce Hamilton has more than 40 years experience teaching Scottish and English Country dancing. He created what is now the BACDS Peninsula English dance series, was an early co-foreman of Berkeley Morris and started the Deer Creek Morris Men.He has become one of the country's most popular English country dance leaders with invitations to many weekends and dance camps each year. Lately, he has been focusing on nonchoreographic elements of English Country dance: how to move well, how to be musical, how to recover from slips, how to be a good partner, body mechanics, and the social and mental aspects of this social dance form.

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