BACDS American Dance and Music Week — July 2–7, 2017 BACDS American Dance and Music Week, July 2-7, 2017

Music, Music, Music Workshops

All Music All The Time! For those who just want to play music, this is the place to feast on workshops all day long, and music sessions moderated by staff bands during the evening dances.

Tentative Daily Schedule

Whether you learn by ear or notation, bring your instruments and voice to participate in focused music workshops in both daily classes and special one-time sessions. Or join a like-minded pick-up group and jam! It’s wall-to-wall music sessions and workshops throughout the day and evening. You don’t have to be a dancer or a musician to enjoy the full music track at AmWeek.

Current plans include:

Go for a Joy Ride with members of Joyride: Each member of the band leads a day. Erik leads a harmonica backup session and a bombarde demonstration. Jeff leads a standard-tuning guitar and rhythm session. Sue and George lead a session on playing Airs as a way to approach contra tunes.

Fiddling Tricks with Van Kaynor: Van leads fun and useful ways to improve technique. Included will be tips on vibrato, intonation and full use of bow.

Contra Dance Piano with Eric Eid-Reiner: Contra dance accompaniment ideas and techniques: repertoire, keeping solid rhythm, grooves, melody playing, band communication, arrangements and more!

The Ears and Eyes of the Portland Collection with Sue Songer: Sue and other Joyriders lead a workshop on playing by ear, then by sight, tunes from the Portland Collection and beyond.

Double Fiddle Workshop with Van Kaynor and Ron Grosslein: Van and Ron will share ideas, techniques and tips for double fiddling: harmonizing, communicating, and on-the-fly arranging.

Write that Tune with Shira Kammen: A low-stress, high-camaraderie environment and Shira’s guidance will help you enter the joyful world of tune writing.

Slow Jam with Jim Oakden: For those not ready for the Open Band, the Slow Jam is for you. We'll play well-known tunes at a stately tempo, and will learn some easy tunes you can add to your repertoire.

And of course, Jim and Shira will conduct the infamous Camper Band workshop!

Keep an eye on this page for more details as the program develops. With such an outstanding musical staff, we'll have lots for everyone.

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I enjoyed camp and thought the bands were superb. I especially liked campers being able to play with members of the bands regardless of our experience. Dancing with people who are skilled was also a great experience. The standard is so high that improving [camp] would be very difficult.

- Ken Blackwood, Alberta, Canada

Clarinet Player