BACDS American Dance and Music Week — July 2–7, 2017 BACDS American Dance and Music Week, July 2-7, 2017

AmWeek Waltz CDs: Waltzing Before Breakfast

Indulge your waltz appetite and support camp scholarships!

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Musician and composer George Paul has established a wonderful tradition at the BACDS American Week Dance & Music Camp. For the past few years George, along with various camper musicians, has enchanted early risers by playing waltz tunes, mostly his own compositions, for the dancing and listening enjoyment of those waiting for breakfast to be served. Traditional old-time music has Whiskey Before Breakfast; we have Waltzes Before Breakfast.

On the last two mornings of camp in July 2011, Marty Brenneis recorded the early morning waltz music. No special setup, no studio silence, no meticulous rehearsals, no retakes. At the suggestion of several campers, Eric Black took that recording and turned it into a professional CD of camper-performed music. The recordings capture the magic of the moment, complete with the sounds and ambience of the camp dining hall before and during breakfast. Join us as we float spell-bound, enraptured by the beautiful waltz tunes composed by George and Laura, and played with haunting beauty by musicians who dance with their fingers as well as their feet.

In 2012 and 2013, now three years in a row, Eric recorded the early morning waltz music on the last two mornings of camp. Many of the musicians were sight-reading the tunes, seeing them for the first time. We hear the excitement of the dancers as they enjoy the music played by fellow campers. Every tune is an original composition not recorded anywhere else. Many of the tunes were composed at camp. Composers include George Paul, Laura Light, Dave Bartley, Rodney Miller, Michelle Levy, Larry Unger, and the Tune-Writing class participants at camp.

BONUS! These enhanced CDs include the sheet music score for all tunes on the CD as PDF files. Pop the CD into your computer, and print the PDF files to have sheet music for all these beautiful waltzes.

Our Waltzes Before Breakfast CDs have three purposes: to capture and disseminate several new waltz tunes never recorded before; to provide AmWeek campers with a memory they can share with family and friends; and to help raise money for the camper scholarship fund.

The CDs are available for fifteen dollars from many of the musicians on the recording, as well as at most BACDS dances, or online. Proceeds go to the AmWeek Camper Scholarship Fund which makes our Sliding Scale possible. Support our camp scholarships, and treat your ears at the same time!

You really need these waltz CDs!