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Odd Sundays English Dance Party in the cloud!

Today’s Odd Sundays Dance features Sharon Green calling solo adaptations of English country dances to recorded music.

500 persons max.

We are still learning how to run dances on Zoom. There will be glitches. Bring your patience, sense of humor, and love of ECD.

Before the meeting, clear a safe, spacious (to some degree of spacious) area in which you can dance. Put on your dance shoes.

When you join, please keep your mic muted, except when you speak, and then re-mute immediately. (Computer users: If you mute your mic yourself, you can quickly unmute yourself by pressing the space bar. Hold it down while you speak. When you release the space bar, that automatically will re-mute you.)

Click on Participants at the bottom of your screen to see who else is online. Click on Chat to follow conversations or to write comments.

Please raise your hands (use the icon, if you have that option) to signal that you want to speak. If we continue to have a large number of dancers, it will be hard to spot the raised hands. Forgive us if we miss your signal.

Doors open 1:00 pm PDT (sound check and chat), dance starts at 1:30PM PDT. The Zoom invitation will not be posted online; it will be shared via the BACDS-announce email list a couple of days before the event and on the Odd Sundays mailchimp list (to learn how to join that Odd Sundays email list, email Sharon at

Tentative set list for Odd Sundays dance 06/06/21 - Sharon & recorded music

  • Chocolate Round O
    B2, 19
    Am, cut time
    Dance: Brooke Friendly & Chris Sackett; tune "72%" by Shira Kammen

  • Knives & Forks
    B1, 65
    G, 3/2

  • Set for Spring
    B3, 123
    Dm, cut time
    Dance by Joseph Pimental; tune by Dave Weisler

  • Merrily on High
    B3, 140 C, cut time [Tune for Trip to Woodstock]

  • Katherine Street
    B2, 69
    Gm, 6/8

  • Juniata
    B3, 79
    F, 3/4
    Dance by Sharon Green; tune by Jonathan Jensen

  • Leather Lake House
    B2, 75
    A, D; 4/4

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