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Sunday, October 4, 2020

Odd Sundays English Dance Party in the cloud!

The Odd Sundays Dance features either Sharon Green or Kalia Kliban calling solo adaptations of English country dances either to recorded or live music. Doors open 1:00 pm PDT (sound check and chat), dance starts at 1:30PM PDT. The Zoom invitation will be shared via the BACDS-announce email list a couple of days before the event and on the Odd Sundays mailchimp list (to learn how to join that Odd Sundays email list, email Sharon at

Tentative set list for Odd Sundays dance 10/4/20 - Kalia & recorded music

  • Money in Both Pockets music by Liz Donaldson, Colleen Reed and Becky Ross “English Echoes” tune from George Willis's Compleat Tutor for the German Flute 1790 6/8 D B3 p98
  • Simone’s Semi-Century by Philippe Callens, music is Joyful Noise/Hold the Mustard “Seasons of Invention” 4/4 G NIB
  • After Dinner Maggot by Gary Roodman; tune "Band of Friends" by Jonathan Jensen 4/4 Dm B3 p13
  • Winter Waltz by Herman, Tune: Crossing to Ireland Amarillis “The Blind Harper Dances” 3/4 Em B2 p144
  • California Sunshine dance by Gary Roodman 2018, tune by Dave Wiesler Cilantrio "Mr. Roodman's Fancies" 2/2 D B3 p35
  • Flora and Phaon music by Persons of Quality "Elephants Stairs" 3/2 Dmix B3 p60
  • Once A Night music by Bare Necessities "At Home" 6/8 D B1 p92

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