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Playford Ball Flyer - Top


Saturday, 8th of April, 2017

Landmark Ballroom, 75 South 11th Avenue, San Jose, CA
Doors open at 6:30pm. Dancing from 7:15 to 11pm

East Bay Workshop: March 4th
Sacramento Workshop: March 11th
Peninsula Workshop: March 19th
Sebastopol Workshop: March 31st
Rehearsal Dance: April 7th

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~~~ The Dances ~~~
Alterations Margate Hoy
Anna Maria Mrs. Hill's Dance
The Archer Plum Thursday
Bellamira Sapphire Sea
Domino 5 Shrewsbury Lasses
Elephants Stairs Step Stately
Gambols Trip to Town O
Longevity Wibsey Roundabout
Measured Obsession  
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Advance registration required for ball:
$40 dancer before March 18th. $45 after
$10 gallery seating (non-dancers, includes refreshments)

register here
We welcome all volunteers and have many different kinds
of tasks with which anyone can help. Some tasks occur
before the Ball; others the day of, during, or after the Ball
volunteer here. Thanks!


A "Cabinet of Curiosities" is a room filled with fascinating items arranged for study, entertainment and aesthetic enjoyment. These rooms were wildly popular throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, coincidentally the period from which many of the dances in our program come. These collections of natural objects, antiquities and anthropological artifacts were tools for scientific inquiry, but also served to amuse and delight. If you wish to celebrate this spirit of discovery and exploration with your attire for the evening, that would be greatly admired, though not required.

Like a cabinet of curiosities, our collection of dances will offer opportunities for expanding your understanding of the dance world around you. Several of the dances offer distinct challenges to do well, and two of those, Gambols and Step Stately, will not be prompted at the ball. Those are for you to master at one of the many workshops and rehearsals detailed on this site. If you arrive at the ball and haven't had the chance to learn those two "For Those Who Know" dances, they're delightful to watch as well as dance, so I encourage you to enjoy them from the sidelines. The remainder of the dances run the gamut from rompy to elegant, simple to brain-teasing. I invite you to stretch your skills as you make the acquaintance of new dances, and to deepen your familiarity with the dances you already know.


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