Hey Days Camper Information

Once you have been accepted to Hey Days, we will send helpful information along with a Camper Questionnaire. This contains sections to let us know housing and food needs, as well as roster, name tag, and other information. The program section will help our program director as she finalizes plans for a great week. And, if you want to propose a grab bag session or call/play for campers night, this questionnaire is the place to do it!

Closer to camp, we will send an email with additional information as you prepare to pack and travel.

For the health of all camp participants, we strongly encourage the use of nontoxic and fragrance-free products at camp.

We value your input. Once Hey Days is over, we would love you to fill out the online evaluation form. This will help our program director as she creates next year's program. It will also help our committee as we plan the other aspects of the Hey Days experience.

If you have remaining questions, feel free to contact us.

Registrar: Alex Bradley, (301) 789-5425, bacdsheydaysreg@gmail.com

Scholarships and Co-Manager: Loretta Guarino-Reid, 650-493-6012 (phone only, no texts), loretta@guarino.com

Co-Manager: Bonnie Richardson, 707-287-8248, bfjael@gmail.com

Program Director: Bridget Whitehead (541) 220-6236, bcjwhite@gmail.com