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Berkeley Wednesday Contra Dance

1st, 3rd, & 5th Wednesdays -- Christ Church Berkeley, formerly known as Grace North Church

ROLE NAMES: The role names usually used at this series are "Larks" and "Ravens".

Wednesday, December 19
Caller: Susan Petrick
Band: Open band led by Jane Rothfield [PA] & Friends

Wednesday, January 2
Caller: Erik Hoffman
Band: Baba Yaga’s Stew (Lucia Thomas [IL], Dianna Davis [IN], Janet Cramer [IL])

Wednesday, January 16
Caller: Eric Black
Band: Open band led by Audrey Knuth, Erik Hoffman

Wednesday, January 30
Caller: Kelsey Hartman
Band: Community Band Night! Contact Erik Hoffman for music & info:

Wednesday, February 6
Caller: Claire Takemori
Band: Open band led by Tripleplay (Audrey Knuth, Chris Knepper, Charlie Hancock)

Wednesday, February 20
Caller: Open Callers’ Night
Band: Open band led by Patti Cobb, Caroline McCaskey Contact Yoyo Zhou,, to call a dance

Wednesday, March 6
Caller: Andy Shore
Band: Open band led by The wiNgNuts (Chris Knepper, Isele Harper, Will Wheeler)

Wednesday, March 20
Caller: Jean Gibson-Gorrindo [SoCal]
Band: Buddy System (Noah VanNorstand [NC], Julie Vallimont [MA])

Map to Christ Church Berkeley

LOCATION:  Christ Church Berkeley, 2138 Cedar St. (near Oxford), Berkeley

Christ Church Berkeley policies
  • Street shoes discouraged, but permitted if clean.
  • Do NOT put bikes on the handrails that are on the west side of the hall (the mailbox side) at the exterior "elevator" at Christ Church Berkeley. There are two signs on Cedar Street (by the green zone) that could secure four bikes. Additional railings are available at the steps that go down to the lower floor front offices. Finally, bikes may be brought into the facility provided that the wheels are clean.
  • The handrails are off-limits in order to remain compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act and keep the hall accessible at all times.

TIME: 8 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.

$20 supporters,
$12 non-members,
$10 members
$6 students or low-income
or pay what you can.


The BACDS mission: Promoting, preserving, performing, and teaching traditional English and American music & dance

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