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BACDS Social Contract (Code of Conduct)


BACDS Committees and Coordinators

BACDS events don't just happen. Indeed, they are the end result of a large number of committees and individual contributors that take responsibility for aspects of the organizations ranging from individual events to overall oversight.

Board of Directors / Finance Committee / Hall Search Committee / Mailing Committee / Membership Coordinator / Newsletter Committee / Online Services Committee / Outreach Committee / Publicity Committee / Series Programmers / Sound/PA Committee / Squires / Volunteer Coordinator

Board of Directors

The BACDS Board of Directors is responsible for setting BACDS policy, authorizing expenditures of BACDS funds on activities, and other administrative duties. Current Board members are:

  • Eric Black, Secretary
  • Joyce Cooper
  • Jens Dill, President
  • Sharon Green
  • Chrissy Howell
  • Scott Johnson
  • Sharyn Peterson
  • Clara Stefanov-Wagner
  • Mary Tabor
  • Alan Winston, Board Chairman
  • Yoyo Zhou
  • Mary Luckhardt, Treasurer, is an officer but not a Board member.
    • Board elections are held every year in May.

      The board meets on the third Thursday of most months; you can see the next scheduled meeting on the bacds home page. For more information about board meetings, follow this link

      Finance Committee

      The Finance Committee works with other committees on the preparation of budgets and final reports for BACDS events, and provides the Board with guidance as to whether or not funds should be spent on activities. Budgets should be sent to the Finance Committee for review.

      Hall Search Committee

      The Hall Search Committee is responsible for locating potential halls for BACDS dance series and events. Contact the committee chair if you have a hall to recommend.

      Mailing Committee

      The Mailing Committee is responsible for organizing and operating mailings to BACDS members, BACDS dance managers, other dance organizers, and folks on the BACDS mailing list. Contact the committee chair if you'd like to help out with a BACDS mailing.

      Membership Coordinator

      The Membership Coordinator is responsible for preparing membership forms and cards, coordinating membership mailings, and maintaining the membership database. Contact the Membership coordinator if you have questions about BACDS membership or would like to help the cooordinator out.

      Newsletter Committee

      The Newsletter Committee is responsible for the Dancer, BACDS's newsletter Contact the committee if you'd like to help the Dancer staff or have an article that you'd like to have published.

      Online Services Committee

      The Online Services Committee is responsible for the management of and much of the content on the BACDS website, support of BACDS-hosted mailing lists, and evaluation of web technologies for BACDS use. Contact the committee if you have questions or comments about BACDS online services.

      Outreach Committee

      The Outreach Committee works on projects aimed at recruiting new dancers to our activities and events. Contact the committee if you have questions or comments about the Outreach Committee's activities.

      Publicity Committee

      The Publicity Committee is responsible for publicizing BACDS's events and activities. It works in conjuntion with the Mailing Committee, mainly by coordinating and gathering of flyers submitted for a given publicity mailing.  Contact the committee if you have questions or comments about the Publicity Committee activities, or would like to offer assistance.

      Series and Event Programmers

      The series and event programmers are responsible for programming BACDS dances, events, and activities. Regular series programmers are:

      Special event chairs are:

      Camp managers and programmers are:

      Sound/PA Committee

      The Sound/PA Committee is responsible for BACDS's PA systems in Berkeley, Palo Alto, and San Francisco. Contact the committee if you have questions or comments about the sound systems.


      Each of the BACDS performance teams has a team leader, or Squire. These folks are:

      Volunteer Coordinator

      The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for channeling potential volunteers to BACDS committees and activities. Contact the coordinator if you'd like to help out with something.

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