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Playford Ball Flyer - Top


Saturday 2nd of April, 2016

Landmark Ballroom, 75 South 11th Avenue, San Jose, CA
Doors open at 6:45pm. Dancing from 7:15 to 11pm

Peninsula Workshop: February 28th
East Bay Workshop: March 5th
Sacramento Workshop: March 20th
Rehearsal Dance: April 1st

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The Dances
All Saints Day Indian Princess
Anisette Juniata
Dr. Vincent's Delight Mile of Smiles
An Early Frost Movement Afoot
Excuse Me A New Beginning
Fenterlarick Puck's Deceit
The Fine Lady of Homewood Red House
Flying Sorceress St. Martin's Lane
If All the World Were Paper Young Widow
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Advance registration required for ball:
$39 dancer
$10 gallery seating (non-dancers, includes refreshments)

register here
We welcome all volunteers and have many different kinds
of tasks with which anyone can help. Some tasks occur
before the Ball; others the day of, during, or after the Ball
volunteer here. Thanks!


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