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BACDS Playford Ball 2000



New location!






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*        General Information

*        Registration Information

*        Printable Registration Form

*        Volunteer Information

*        Information For Out Of Town Guests

*        Maps and Directions



*        Dance Program

*        Dance Instructions

*        Musicians

*        Knave of Hearts (Master of Ceremonies)

*        Ball Related Events

*        Fragrance Free Policy



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General Information

The Playford ball, sponsored by BACDS (San Francisco Bay Area Country Dance Society), is a lively and elegantly formal English Country dance extravaganza!

I look into my crystal ball.  It’s just as I thought it would be…

Musicians gather on stage.  Helpers & volunteers ready the food in the back room.  Yes.  Oh, the decorations are almost complete.  The flowers, plants, cutouts on the wall!   I never thought any place could be transformed into such a “wonderland.”

The volunteers are finished and gather to ready their outfits for the ball.   That one in the corner; is she putting on perfume?  (No she couldn’t be, the Playford ball is fragrance free.)  Phew.  It’s just a water spray bottle to tame her unruly hair.  The guests are arriving…

Is that the queen?  I think I see a Welsh prince!  A maiden, pure and simple with her prince!   The ones in the corner could be written up in the society pages.   

The Knave of Hearts announces the grand march.  Couples gather & lineup.  Music!  My ears drink in the sound.  The leader is taking the line around the room in patterns.  The gentle dancers moving as one to the marching sound.

The Playford Ball 2000 has begun!  (At least in my crystal ball…)


Date:  Saturday March 25th

Location: Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Ascension   4700 Lincoln Ave, Oakland, CA 94602-2598


$25.00 if registration postmarked by March 1st


$30.00 if postmarked after March 1st


(Deadline March 20th.  After March 20th call for availability.)            


$8.00 for non-dancers with refreshments.

Refreshments & Nametags Provided.


*            Doors open at 6:45

*            Grand March (Hare) at 7:15

*            Dancing until 11:00 p.m.

*            Continue the celebration at the after party







Vertical Scroll: Register Soon!      Space is limited!
Deadline: March 20th.
(After March 20th call for availability)
No registration at the BALL or the March 24th Ball Practice!

Registration Information










Registration: Use the Printable Registration Form or contact Judy Rose Dornbush



(415) 456-4602


Snail Mail:

46 Florence Avenue



San Anselmo, CA 94960









Volunteer Information

Contact: Sherry Kumler.



 (510) 881-7948.


E-mail: is not Sherry’s e-mail address, but notes addressed to her will be passed on to her.)





Information For Out Of Town Guests

Contact: Mary Luckhardt.



(510) 233-5065








Maps and Directions




If you can find the secret door & the special potion, by all means take that route..

The rest of us should probably follow these directions.

Ball Location: Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Ascension   (Near the Mormon Temple in Oakland)


4700 Lincoln Ave
Oakland, CA 94602-2598


Driving Directions

From 13 North:  Exit Joaquin Miller Road. Turn Left onto Lincoln Ave


From 13 South:  Exit Joaquin Miller Road. Turn Right onto Lincoln Ave.


From 880 North: Exit Elmwood Ave.


Turn Left onto Fruitvale Ave.


Right on Macarthur Ave & Left onto Lincoln.


Proceed up the hill.


From 880 South: Exit 29th Ave.


Turn Right onto 12th St.


Turn Left onto Fruitvale Ave.


Right on Macarthur Ave & Left onto Lincoln. 


Proceed up the hill.









Dance Program


“Will You, Won't You,
Will You, Won't You,
Will You Join The Dance?"


Mock Turtle and Gryphon demonstrating the Lobster Quadrille to Alice 


Mock Turtle and Gryphon demonstrating the Lobster Quadrille to Alice

We start, of course, with a Grand March.  The rest of the dances listed below are in scrambled order:


For those who know

Misc Info (time, key, dance formation*)

Music in Barnes

An Irish Lamentation


3/4, G, 2m


Barbarini's Tambourine


2/4, D, 2m


Corelli's Maggot


2/4, D, 2m


Easter Morn


4/4, Cm, 2m




6/8, D, 3cpl


Hambleton's Round O


3/2, Am, 3m


Indian Princess


2/2, F, circle mixer


Joy After Sorrow


3/4, Am, 3cpl


Knives and Forks


3/2, G, 3m


Lobster (La Russe) Quadrille


4/4, G, square


Midnight Ramble


4/4, D, 2m


Mutual Promises


2/4, D, 3m


Never Love Thee More


6/8, G, 2m


Rafe's Waltz  


3/4, Dm, 2m


Shrewsbury Lasses


4/4, D, 3cpl


The Black Nag


6/8, Dm, 3cpl


The Young Widow


6/8, G, 3m


Walpole Cottage


4/4, D, 3-face-3 Sicilian


* Dance Formations: 2m = longways duple minor;  3m=triple minor;  3cpl = 3 couple longways;  square = square;  others as noted.







Jon Berger, Shira Kammen, Jody McGeen,  Jim Oakden (I also found a reference to Jim in the Guppies), Chuck Ward







Knave of Hearts (Master of Ceremonies)

Alan Winston is the Knave of Hearts (Master of Ceremonies) for the 2000 Playford Ball.

When asked to give a bio about his dance experience, Alan pointed us to this web page:  One thing the North Bay Country Dance Society (NBCDS) bio does not mention is that Alan has a wonderfully unique sense of humor, which sometimes manages to come out in subtle ways when he calls a dance. 

This will be Alan’s first time as the Playford Ball dance “ogre.”  Members of the Playford Ball committee and all the local ECD callers chose him.  Let’s welcome & congratulate Alan.







Ball Related Events


East Bay Workshop ($7.00)


Sunday, February 27th 2:00-5:00 p.m. at the El Cerrito Veterans Hall, 6401 Stockton Avenue, El Cerrito, CA This workshop is followed by a Potluck and continues with the El Cerrito Square and Contra anniversary dance at 7p.m.. (The evening dance has a separate admission.)

Peninsula Workshop  ($7.00)


Sunday, March 5th 3:00-6:00 p.m. at the Palo Alto Masonic Temple, 461 Florence St, Palo Alto, CA

Ball Rehearsal ($8.00)


Friday, March 24th 7:00-10:00 p.m. at the San Mateo Masonic Temple, 100 N. Ellsworth Ave, San Mateo, CA




After ball parties

Through The Looking Glass. Post-Playford Party, Midnight March 25th


Kali Pappas’
1771 Highland Place #301, Berkeley    (510) 548-2532.

From the Ball: Take 13 north towards Berkeley for 4.6 miles and turn right on College Ave. Go 0.8 miles and turn R onto Durant Ave. A quick 0.1 mile and turn L onto Piedmont Ave, which in another 0.1 mile becomes Gayley Rd. Go for 0.5 mile and Gayley becomes La Loma Ave. 0.1 mile and turn right onto Ridge Rd. Turn left onto Highland Place.



Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Brunch, 10 a.m. Sunday March 26th


The Ugglas’

2061 El Sereno Ave, Los Altos     (650) 965-9169


From 280: Take Foothill Expy exit and go away from the hills. Foothill Plaza is on the right. Take the first right onto Homestead and immediately get into the left-turn lane (opp the Chevron station). Turn left onto El Sereno. We’re the 4th house on the right.

From 101: Take Hwy 85 to Homestead. Turn right and go up the hill and around a slight bend. Foothill Plaza is on the left. Turn right onto El Sereno (opp the Chevron station before you get to the light). We’re the 4th house on the right.





Fragrance Free Policy


Playford ball is perfume free!

Playford Ball 2000 is scent and “Perfume Free.”  This policy was adopted to allow people with debilitating allergies to attend the ball.  Remember to use scent free shampoo, deodorant, lotions, and powders.









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