Activities are scheduled into two morning and two afternoon slots each day.  Some classes/workshops happen every day at the same time, while others may occur less frequently or just once.  A more detailed schedule will be published closer to camp, but here’s what will be on offer:

36926439_2082999631742361_3139836975612166144_o.jpgMusic Sessions

Contra Dance Piano with Amy
Contra dance accompaniment ideas and techniques.

Fiddle Mini-Lessons with Ethan
One-on-one sessions with a master fiddler.

Fiddle with Audrey
Learn a tune a day with ideas for building foundations to focus style techniques in your tune repertoires.        

Making Stuff Up with Anna
Learn to depart from melody and written music to invent new musical ideas on the fly.   

Dance Music Accompaniment with Owen
For all chord players.

Slow Jam with Max
Everyone and their instruments are welcome in this low-stress, high-camaraderie environment.     

Camper Band led by Amy and Audrey
Create amazing music together as part of the featured band for our Wednesday night dance.        

Long Flight Home with Andrew
Explore the new book of original tunes by Andrew & Noah with detours into writing fiddle tunes, arrangement ideas, adapting music for dancing and more.     

Uke Orchestra with Max
The shining principle is that you don’t need to know much about playing the ukulele to have a blast doing it. *Bring your uke, and we’ll have a few loaners on hand.     

Singing with Anna
Get caught up in catchy melodies and explore making up harmonies.               

Playing in the woods — Solo or small groups improvisational jams.

Dancing, Calling, & Choreography


Waltzes Before Breakfast for early risers. Come and dance, or bring your instrument and join us playing traditional and original waltz compositions along with other campers.

Contra Dances and More Three sessions each day with Luke Donforth and Susan Petrick, Wake Up Robin and The Figments, plus full evenings of dancing. Gender neutral calling with using the role names Larks and Ravens to encourage everyone to dance with everyone.

Moved by the Mood with Susan, Max, and friends
This workshop will explicitly explore the interactions between dance and music, creating great dancing and allowing musicians to practice playing off of the dancers.     

Couple Dancing with Susan and The Figments
Basic and new moves to add to your waltzing with ample practice.      

Callers’ Workshop with Susan
Learn how to call a dance or improve on your calling by doing it.           

Contra Dance Choreography with Luke
Discuss and practice assembling moves into satisfying dances.

Crafts & More


Gentle Yoga with Cheryl McKinney

Traditional Camp Crafts  with Bowen Lee

Photography with David Buesch

Potpourri Propose, lead, or attend short, one-off sessions. Possible topics include round singing, foot percussion, the joys of coffee, and dance flourishes.

Late Night Activities — If you don’t feel like turning in early, the Perkins Party Playhouse is the place to be. Snacks, dancing, music jamming, games, crafting, and general fun among friends.

See you at Round Up

On Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, everyone gathers before dinner in the amphitheater for Round Up, where campers and staff sign up to play music, tell stories, & perform skits, poetry, acrobatics–whatever talents you care to share.