Volunteer Team

Each year, a core team of volunteers takes on significant roles to make camp happen. Core team members are invited to pay a reduced fee of $400 in exchange for their time and effort.  Let David or Jen know if you have the skills and interest to take on one of these open roles for 2019:

Gear Team Captain On Sunday morning June 30, pick up a U-haul in Woodside (or possibly Hayward, if you are an East Bay resident) and drive to the BACDS storage unit in Hayward. Direct a crew of helpers to load camp gear into the truck. Drive to camp, where those helpers will unload the stuff. Reverse at end of week on Friday afternoon to move out of camp. Unloading into storage could happen Friday evening before the Palo Alto gala 8-11pm, but last year, the Gear Team opted to park the truck at David’s house in Redwood City on Friday and reconvened to unload on Saturday morning.

Tear-down Coordinator/Minion Wrangler You’ll need to arrive by 1pm on Sunday to coordinate with the Set-up Coordinator, who needs to leave on Thursday and will not be present at the close of camp. On Friday, we need to pack up and vacate the property one hour after the last dance. You’ll stage the process ahead of time, then direct a large crew of campers to pack camp away on Friday between 3 and 4pm. Also assume the Minion Wrangler position for the final few days of camp; this involves reminding campers to fulfill their camper chores during the week and assisting when they have questions.

Other Core Team Members Many thanks to those campers who have already committed to a core team role this year:

Margaret Pigman, Programmer
Loren Kalmen, Treasurer
Eric Black, Registrar
Claire Takemori, Hospitality
Matt Matthis, Sound Tech
Cheryl McKinney, Yoga Instructor
Bowen Lee & Karen Shaffer, Craft Leaders
Bowen Lee, Snack Chef
Laura Gorrin, Camp Set-up/Minion Wrangler
Craig Meltzner, Bookstore and Auction Manager
David Buesch & Jen Bamesberger, Co-managers