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Sliding Scale Camper Fee

We offer sliding scale pricing, so camp is available to more people. $750 covers your lodging, meals, and program. If you are able, please make a tax-deductible donation in addition to your baseline $750 to help sustain our fabulous week in the redwoods. Youth ages 30 and under can opt for youth rates in exchange for additional camp chores. If you are over 30, please pay as much as you can, $550 or more. To break even, for every dancer who pays $550, we need someone to pay $950. Thank you for making camp affordable to those who otherwise could not join us.

Equitable, inclusive — and solvent: How much should I pay?

American Week is a six-day, residential, full food-service camp. The length of the camp allows a richer and deeper experience than a shorter dance weekend; you really have time to relax and get into a different rhythm. There is time to connect with old friends and make new ones. Over the course of six days, you can expand your skills and build new ones by attending multi-day workshops.

All of this comes with a price tag that is higher than a two-day or three-day event. We believe the immersive quality of a week-long camp is worth the cost…and we realize that the cost may be prohibitive for some members of our community. To make camp affordable for dancers, callers, and musicians in our community who otherwise would not be able to join us, we adopted a sliding scale in 2018. We aim to be transparent about the camp costs and attempt to include everyone who wants to attend while also remaining financially solvent.

Work-Trade Positions

Attend camp for $400 by volunteering for a Core Team Member role.  Read more about what these volunteer jobs entail: Gear Team Captain or *Teardown Manager (partial position to be shared with a camper who needs to leave early)

Youth Rates

Opt to pay a lower rate in exchange for doing additional camper chores or filling a core team member role (see above.)

  • Age 13-16: $245
  • Age 17-22: $295
  • Age 23-25: $345
  • Age 26-30: $395

Can I attend part-time?

Yes–we offer a half-week option for half-price: $375 for Sunday-Tuesday or Wednesday-Friday.  We can’t offer each day a la carte, but we can possibly arrange other ways of splitting the week with other campers–let us know at, and we’ll try to match you up with another camper to share a full week registration that fits your schedules.

We reserve the right to refuse registration or admission to anyone whose behavior has been assessed by the camp organizers to be disruptive, harassing, or dangerous.