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BACDS Events Calendar

August 2012

Schedule of Events

August 01CONTRACCBSusan PetrickOpen band led by Debra Tayleur, Regan Hemphill, Beth Christian, Roxanne Oliva
August 03ENGLISHMTBob FraleyNonesuch Country Dance Players with William Allen
August 04CONTRASFChuck GaltRaggedy Annes (Charlie Hancock, Andy Eggleston, Kathrine Gardner)
August 05ENGLISH/CONTRAFSJCANCELEDNo Dance—Summer Break — Resumes 9/16
August 08WALTZCCBWALTZ AWAY YOUR WORRIES (free form waltzing, no teaching) Rebecca King, Anne Goess, 6:45–7:45pm, FREE! (donations accepted)
August 08ENGLISHCCBSharon GreenAnne Goess, Michelle Levy, Rebecca King
August 10 to August 12CONTRA/CAMPJPCGeorge Marshall (MA), Bev Bernbaum (Toronto)The Great Bear Trio [NY] (Andrew, Noah, & Kim VanNorstrand), Joyride [OR] (George Penk, Erik Weberg, Sue Songer, Jeff Kerssen-Griep). Pre-registration required. See for details
— BALANCE THE BAY — see for details
August 11CONTRAFUMNo dance — Postponed to 8/14: join us at FUM on Tuesday!
August 11ENGLISHDGKNick CucciaThe Humuhumunukunukuapua'a Strathspey Society Band (Heather MacKay, David Newitt, Bruce Herbold, Patti Cobb)
August 12CONTRASFGeorge Marshall (MA), Bev Bernbaum (Toronto)Joyride (OR) (George Penk, Erik Weberg, Sue Songer, Jeff Kerssen-Griep), 7:00–10:00pm, $10/$12/$6 — Note special date & time
August 14CONTRAFUMGeorge Marshall (MA)Gypsy Caravan (CO) (Keegan Boyle, Aeryk Parker, Ed Secor, Lucia Thomas) 7:30–10:30pm, $10/$12/$6 — Note special date & time
August 15CONTRACCBBev Bernbaum (Toronto)Gypsy Caravan (CO) (Keegan Boyle, Aeryk Parker, Ed Secor, Lucia Thomas) $8/$10/$6
August 17ENGLISHMTPaul Ross (NY)Nonesuch Country Dance Players (Stan & Susan Kramer, Daniel Soussan, Mary Tabor, Mark Daly) with Bill Jensen
August 18ENGLISH/WORKSHOPCCBShades of Shaw: Early 18th C. Dances Interpreted by Andrew Shaw David Newitt, Kalia Kliban, Mary Devlin (OR), Sharon Green John Hymas (UK), Paul Hutchinson (UK)—$10/$12/$6. 2:00–5:00pm
August 18CONTRASFMary Devlin (OR)Paul Hutchinson (UK), John Hymas (UK), $10/$12/$6
August 18ENGLISHCCBBruce Hamilton, Paul Ross (NY)Foxfire (Daron Douglas [LA], Karen Axelrod [MA]) Special pre-English Week 3rd Saturday dance — for experienced dancers
August 19 to August 26ENGLISH/CAMPBRBruce Hamilton, Paul Ross, Mary Devlin, Randall CayfordKaren Axelrod, Daron Douglas, Paul Hutchinson, John Hymas, Shira Kammen, Rebecca King, Jim Oakden — SOLD OUT! Spaces may become available from the wait list. See for more info
August 22ENGLISHCCBKalia KlibanOpen band led by Jon Berger, Avis Minger, Maureen Brennan, Debra Tayleur
August 24CONTRASFJean Gorrindo (SLO)Gypsy Caravan (CO)
August 25CONTRAFUMNick CucciaThree Fifths of Scotch (Eloise Blanchard, Emily Parsons, Del Eckels, Debra Tayleur, Elizabeth Miranda)
August 29CONTRACCBMary Devlin (OR)Open Band led by Paul Hutchinson (UK), John Hymas (UK) — $8/$10/$6
August 31ENGLISHMTKalia KlibanNonesuch Country Dance Players (Stan & Susan Kramer, Daniel Soussan, Mary Tabor, Mark Daly) with William Allen

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