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BACDS Events Calendar

May 2012

Schedule of Events

May 01ENGLISHASEAlan WinstonBill Jensen, Stan Kramer, Richard Page
May 02CONTRA/JAMCCBSearle Whitney & You6:30–7:30 pm, come for a pre-dance Jam Session — Free!
May 02CONTRACCBWarren BlierOpen band led by Chris Knepper, Charlie Hancock, & Friend
May 04ENGLISHMTLise DyckmanNonesuch Country Dance Players with Ruth Anne Fraley
May 05CONTRASFWarren BlierRoadoilers (Mike Drayton, Jon Pederson, Perry Fly)
May 06ENGLISH/CONTRAFSJBob FraleyWilliam Allen & friends
May 08WOODSHEDHPPMaybe youCommunity Band - community callers
May 09ENGLISH/WALTZCCBJon Berger, Maureen Brennan, Debra Tayleur, 6:45
WALTZ AWAY YOUR WORRIES (free form waltzing, no teaching)–7:45pm, FREE! (donations gladly accepted)
May 09ENGLISHCCBKalia KlibanJon Berger, Maureen Brennan, Debra Tayleur, Maggie Moore
May 12CONTRAFUMErik HoffmanCommunity band night
May 12ENGLISHDGKSharon GreenJon Berger, Noel Cragg
May 15ENGLISHASEBruce Hamilton & Ric GoldmanCraig Johnson, Stan Kramer, Craig Martin
May 16CONTRA/JAMCCBErik Hoffman & You6:30–7:30 pm, come for a pre-dance Jam Session — Free!
May 16CONTRACCBCharlie FentonOpen band led by The Rosin Doctors (Dan Engle, Topher Gayle, Erik Hoffman)
May 18ENGLISHMTMary LuckhardtNonesuch Country Dance Players with William Allen
May 19CONTRASFJim SaxeStringFire (Patti Cobb, Michelle Levyfs, Erik Ievins)
May 23ENGLISHCCBAlan WinstonOpen band led by Andy Eggleston, David Mostardi, Bill Jensen
May 25CONTRASFMavis McGaughWhimsical (Janette Duncan, Beth Christian, Regan Hemphill, Roxanne Oliva, Debra Tayleur)
May 26CONTRAFUMMavis McGaughPeak Nouveau (Karl Franzen, Peter Tommerup, Paul Clarke, Sarah Kirton)
May 26ENGLISHCCBLise DyckmanBangers & Mash (Craig Johnson, Susan & Stan Kramer, David Strong) — for experienced dancers
May 29ENGLISHASEMary LuckhardtBill Jensen, Stan Kramer, Laurie Chastain
May 30CONTRA/JAMCCBErik Hoffman & You6:30–7:30 pm, come for a pre-dance Jam Session — Free!
May 30CONTRACCBOpen Callers’ NightOpen band led by Debra Tayleur, Del Eckels, Erik Hoffman, & friend; contact Erik Hoffman ( if you want to call

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