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BACDS Events Calendar

April 2012

Schedule of Events

April 02CONTRA/SPECIALFUMDean AllemangPerpetual eMotion (John Coté [ME], Ed Howe [ME])
An extra Palo Alto contra series gender-free dance at a special date and time. Monday April 2, 7:30 - 10:30pm, $12 non-members, $10 members, $6 students
April 03ENGLISHASEBruce Hamilton, Andrea Nettleton [Atlanta, GA]Bill Jensen, Stan Kramer, Susan Worland
April 04CONTRA/JAMCCBErik Hoffman & You6:30–7:30 pm, come for a pre-dance Jam Session —Free!
April 04CONTRACCBErik HoffmanOpen band led by Black Cat String Band (Ben Sigelman, Brendan Doyle, Maxine Gerber)
April 06ENGLISHMTBob FraleyNonesuch Country Dance Players (Stan & Susan Kramer, Daniel Soussan, Mary Tabor, Mark Daly) with Ruth Anne Fraley
April 07CONTRASFRobin SteenRight to Parlay (Thomas Angell, Dane Miller, Mike Lewinski, Dan Kluger)
April 08ENGLISH/CONTRAFSJBob FraleyWilliam Allen & friends; 2nd Sunday, this month only. Easter door prizes!
April 11ENGLISH/WORKSHOPCCBSharon GreenSusan Worland, Michael Siemon
Intro to English Dance, FREE! (donations gladly accepted) 6:45–7:30
April 11ENGLISHCCBSharon GreenSusan Worland, Michael Siemon, Charlie Hancock
April 14CONTRA/SPECIALFUMSpider Vetter [Sacramento]WHOOT! ContraFusion on Saturday night! Daniel Steinberg from the fabled Hillbillies from Mars will be joining the Whoots (Jim Oakden, Michelle Levy, Ben Schreiber) for a special dance in Palo Alto called by Spider Vetter. Hot music, low lighting. Lasers, blacklights. Glow bracelets for everyone at the door. Not your normal contra! More info
April 14ENGLISHDGKGary ThomasStan & Susan Kramer, Craig Johnson
April 17ENGLISHASEBruce Hamilton & Ric GoldmanBill Jensen, Stan Kramer, Betsy St. Aubin
April 18CONTRA/JAMCCBErik Hoffman & You6:30–7:30 pm, come for a pre-dance Jam Session — Free!
April 18CONTRACCBAlan WinstonOpen band led by Swing Farm (Ray Bierl, Charlie Hancock, Markie Sanders)
April 20ENGLISHMTSharon GreenNonesuch Country Dance Players with Ruth Anne Fraley
April 21CONTRASFRic GoldmanThree Fifths of Scotch (Emily Parsons, Eloise Blanchard, Debra Tayleur, Del Eckels)
April 25ENGLISHCCBMary LuckhardtOpen Band led by The Humus (Heather MacKay, David Newitt, Patti Cobb, Bruce Herbold)
April 27CONTRASFSusan PetrickUncle Farmer (Mike Sokolovsky, Ben Schreiber) with guest Michelle Levy
April 28CONTRAFUMZack [Santa Cruz]Wildcat Canyon (Andy Eggleston, Art Peterson, Peter Persoff)
April 28ENGLISHCCBAlan WinstonRebecca King, Michelle Levy, Charlie Hancock— for experienced dancers

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