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BACDS Events Calendar

March 2012

Schedule of Events

March 02ENGLISHMTBob FraleyNonesuch Country Dance Players (Stan & Susan Kramer, Daniel Soussan, Mary Tabor, Mark Daly) with Patti Cobb
March 03CONTRASFJim SaxeFear of Commitment (Kathrine Gardner, Charlie Hancock, Craig Johnson)
March 03ENGLISHCCBKalia KlibanThe Humuhumunukunukuapua’a and Strathspey Society Band (Patti Cobb, Bruce Herbold, Heather MacKay, David Newitt, Betsy St. Aubin)
East Bay Playford Workshop — Special Time: 2:00–5:00 pm $12
March 04ENGLISH/CONTRAFSJAlan WinstonWilliam Allen & friends
Community Dance: beginner-friendly session, 2:00–5:00pm, $10
March 06ENGLISHASEBruce Hamilton & Ric GoldmanRuth Anne Fraley, Stan Kramer, Paul Kostka
March 07CONTRA/JAMCCByou! led by Erik Hoffman
Free pre-dance Jam Session, 6:30–7:30pm
March 07CONTRACCBErik HoffmanOpen band led by Chris Knepper, Noel Cragg
March 10CONTRA/WORKSHOPFUMGary Breitbard, Jena Rauti
Say "Oui!" to French Dancing, 6:00–7:00 pm, Introduction to French Dancing, $5
March 10CONTRAFUMEric BlackPeak Nouveau (Peter Tommerup, Paul Clarke, Lee Ane Welch, Art Friedman, Karl Franzen)
March 10ENGLISHDGKRic GoldmanSusan Worland, Gary Thomas
March 11ENGLISH/SPECIAL/WORKSHOPMTDavid NewittThe Glory of the West (Bill Jensen, Stanley & Susan Kramer)
Peninsula Playford Workshop — Special Time: 2:00-5:00 pm $12
March 13WOODSHEDHPPMaybe youCommunity Band - special contra-focus Woodshed dance
March 14ENGLISH/WALTZCCBJon Berger, Betsy St. Aubin, Debra Tayleur
WALTZ AWAY YOUR WORRIES (free waltz session, no teaching), 6:45–7:30pm, FREE (donations gladly accepted)
March 14ENGLISHCCBKalia KlibanJon Berger, Betsy St. Aubin, Debra Tayleur
March 16 to March 18ENGLISH/CONTRA/SPECIAL/CAMPMONErik Weberg (OR), David NewittBill Tomczak, Dave Langford of Latter Day Lizards (MA); Ann Percival of Wild Asparagus (MA); Jim Oakden of Roguery; Anita Anderson of Tricky Brits (WA); Michelle Levy of StringFire
— BACDS Spring Fever Dance Weekend at Monte Toyon — Bringing English & Contra Dancers Together Again! Pregistration required
March 16ENGLISHMTBob FraleyNonesuch Country Dance Players (Stan & Susan Kramer, Daniel Soussan, Mary Tabor, Mark Daly) with Bill Jensen
March 17CONTRASFBob O'BrienKnuckle Knockers (Bill Foss, Martha Hawthorne, Karen Celia Heil)
March 20ENGLISHASERic GoldmanBill Jensen, Stan Kramer, Pat Petersen
March 21CONTRA/JAMCCByou! led by Erik Hoffman
Free pre-dance Jam Session
March 21CONTRACCBWarren BlierCommunity Band Night
Play rèpertoire from the Pre-Dance Jams, guided by Chris Knepper, Erik Hoffman
March 23CONTRASFJean Gorrindo (SLO)The Rosin Doctors (Dan Engle, Erik Hoffman, Topher Gayle)
March 24CONTRAFUMJean Gorrindo (SLO)The Rosin Doctors (Dan Engle, Erik Hoffman, Topher Gayle)
March 24ENGLISHCCBKalia KlibanPatti Cobb, Michelle Levy, Erik Ievins
for experienced dancers
March 27WOODSHEDHPPBill Baritompa (New Zealand)whoever wants to play
Bill is visiting the Bay Area, and would love to meet with other callers and try out a few dances
March 28ENGLISHCCBAlan WinstonOpen band led by David Strong, David Mostardi, Bill Jensen
March 30ENGLISH/SPECIALHVCCavalcade of CallersThe Guppies (Kathrine Gardner, Jim Oakden, Craig Johnson)
Playford Ball Rehearsal, Special Price $15
Go to Playford Rehearsal!
March 31CONTRAFUMAndrea Nettleton [Atlanta]The Crabapples (Teresa Fife, Bob Silberstein, Norm Cotton, Marta Lynch)
March 31ENGLISH/SPECIALSJWDavid NewittShira Kammen, Charlie Hancock, Danny Carnahan, Patti Cobb, Doug Olsen
32nd Annual BACDS Playford Ball! Pregistration required

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