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BACDS Events Calendar

March 2009

Schedule of Events

March 04CONTRAGNCWarren BlierCommunity Band Night!
Warmup and Organization 6:30-7:30. Come run through tunes, so we can organize the plan for with music leaders Chris Knepper & Erik Hoffman. Dance follows at 8pm. Contact Erik at 510-444-4397 or if you want to play in the band.
March 04ENGLISHFLXLise DyckmanBill Jensen, Stan Kramer, Paul Kostka
Cancelled  - hall unavailable. Go to the March 7 Playford Workshop
March 07ENGLISH/SPECIALSBEBruce HamiltonBill Jensen, Stan & Susan Kramer
Playford Ball Workshop 1-4 pm, special price $10 for all dancers
March 07CONTRASFCharlie FentonSwing Farm (Charlie Hancock, Ray Bierl, Steven Strauss)
March 11ENGLISH/WORKSHOPGNCJenny BeerPatti Cobb, Heather MacKay
Intermediate ECD Workshop, 6:30-7:30pm, $5 (What shall I do with my hands and arms?)
March 11ENGLISHGNCDavid NewittThe Humuhumunukunukuapua'a and Strathspey Society Band (Patti Cobb, Bruce Herbold, Heather MacKay, David Newitt, Betsy St. Aubin)
March 13CONTRAHUMCelia RamsayThe Whiskey Brothers (John MacFarlane, Jeff Ward, Dave Courchaine)
March 13 to March 15SPECIAL/CAMP/CONTRA/ENGLISH/COUPLES/MUSICMONBob Isaacs,Linda Leslie, Jenny BeerThe Guppies, The Raggedy Annes, The Rhythm Rollers (Whitesides/Andres/McQuillen/Reid)
Spring Dance Weekend at Monte Toyon
March 14CONTRAFUMKirston KothsHarmon's Peak (Karl Franzen, Ernest Kinsolving, Paul Clarke, Art Friedman)
— Tonight's Newcomers Class begins at 7:00;
FREE one-hour lesson before the dance!
March 14ENGLISHDGKNick CucciaStan & Susan Kramer, Noel Cragg
March 18CONTRAGNCMavis McGaughGreat Bear Duo (Andrew and Noah VanNorstrand)
March 18ENGLISHFLXRic GoldmanBill Jensen, Stan & Susan Kramer
March 20ENGLISHSBEBob FraleyNonesuch Country Dance Players (Stan & Susan Kramer, Mark Daly) with William Allen
March 21CONTRASFJoyce MillerCraig Johnson, Ray Bierl
March 21ENGLISH/SPECIALHUMAlan WinstonCharlie Hancock, Andy Eggleston(change from calendar)
Playford Ball Workshop 2-5pm, special price $10 for all dancers.
March 22ENGLISHDGKDavid NewittHeather MacKay, Charlie Hancock
March 25ENGLISH/WORKSHOPGNCMary LuckhardtAndy Eggleston
Intermediate ECD Workshop, 6:30-7:30pm, $5
March 25ENGLISHGNCMary Luckhardt/Ric GoldmanOpen Band led by Charlie Hancock, Betsy St. Aubin, Andy Eggleston
March 27CONTRASFCharlie Fenton3 O'Clock Shadow (Erik Hoffman, Chris Grampp, Adam Cavan, Peter Langston)
March 28CONTRAFUMCelia Ramsay3 O'Clock Shadow (Mike Stadler, Peter Langston, Chris Grampp, Adam Cavan)
— — Tonight's Newcomers Class begins at 7:00;
FREE one-hour lesson before the dance!
March 28ENGLISHGNCKalia KlibanChuck Ward, Stan & Susan Kramer, 8-11pm  - for experienced dancers

Dance Venues

DGKDanceGround Keriac1805 Divisadero at BushSan Francisco
FLXFlex-It425 Evelyn AvenueMountain View
FUMFirst United Methodist Church of Palo Alto625 Hamilton at ByronPalo Alto
GNCChrist Church Berkeley (formerly Grace North Church)2138 Cedar StreetBerkeley
HUMHumanist Hall390 27th StreetOakland
MONMonte Toyon CampCathedral DriveAptos
SBESt. Bede's Episcopal Church2650 Sand Hill RdMenlo Park
SFSt. Paul's Presbyterian Church1399 43rd AvenueSan Francisco