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BACDS Events Calendar

October 2008

Schedule of Events

Hambo with Erik Hoffman 6:30-7:30pm, $5
October 01CONTRAGNCErik HoffmanOpen band led by Chris Knepper, Noel Cragg
October 01ENGLISHFLXSam WeilerStan Kramer, Bill Jensen, Paul Kostka
October 03ENGLISHSBEAlan WinstonNonesuch Country Dance Players (Stan & Susan Kramer, Mark Daly) with William Allen
October 04CONTRASFCharlie FentonSwing Farm (Charlie Hancock, Ray Bierl, Steven Strauss)
October 08ENGLISH/WORKSHOPGNCAlan WinstonJon Berger
6:30-7:30 pm, $5 - more dances in triple time
October 08ENGLISHGNCAlan WinstonJon Berger, Erik Ievins, Debra Tayleur
October 10CONTRAHUMJoyce MillerThe OpporTunists (Alan Snyder, Erik Hoffman, Topher Gayle)
October 11CONTRAFUMEric BlackHarmon's Peak (Karl Franzen, Ernest Kinsolving, Paul Clarke, Art Friedman)
October 11ENGLISHDGKDavid NewittHeather MacKay, Erik Ievins, Craig Johnson
Hambo with Erik Hoffman 6:30-7:30pm, $5
October 15CONTRAGNCTina FieldsOpen band led by The OpporTunists (Alan Snyder, Erik Hoffman, Topher Gayle)
October 15ENGLISHFLXBruce HamiltonErik Ievins & friends
October 17ENGLISHSBEBob FraleyNonesuch Country Dance Players (Stan & Susan Kramer, Mark Daly) with William Allen
October 17 to October 19CAMP/ENGLISH/DISPLAY/MUSICMONBarbara Finney, Scott Higgs, Michael Barraclough, Meg Ryan, Francis AttanasioNoel Cragg, Jon Berger, Shira Kammen, Erin Vang, Rebecca King, Chuck Ward, Jim Oakden
Fall Frolick: the Fall Dance Weekend at Monte Toyon - now an English and display dance camp
October 18CONTRASFTina FieldsRoad Oilers (Mike Drayton, Perry Fly, Jon Pedersen)
October 20SPECIAL/SWORD/WORKSHOPGNCFrancis Attanasio (NH)Noel Cragg (7:30-9:30pm)
Longsword $18 - some experience required
October 22ENGLISH/WORKSHOPGNCMichael Barraclough (VA)Jon Berger
Intermediate ECD Workshop, 6:30-7:30, $5
October 22ENGLISHGNCMichael BarracloughJon Berger, Maureen Brennan, Debra Tayleur - NOTE: not an open band
October 24CONTRASFMichael BarracloughHarmon's Peak (Karl Franzen, Ernest Kinsolving, Paul Clarke, Art Friedman)
October 25CONTRA/SPECIALSTASpecial Ghost Callers Eric Black, Charlie Fenton, Mavis McGaughDriving With Fergus (Lewis Santer, Vince Wolfe, Chris Knepper, Sean Feder). 28th Annual BACDS Halloween Costume Ball! Bring potluck treats, wear a costume to compete for The Ron Award. $18 ($16 for members with card, $9 for students with ID) — Note Special Location!
October 25ENGLISH/SPECIAL/WORKSHOPASEMichael BarracloughChuck Ward, Jon Berger
(2-5pm) $12 (members $10)
October 25ENGLISHGNCMichael BarracloughChuck Ward, Jon Berger, Erik Ievins
For experienced dancers
October 26ENGLISHDGKMichael BarracloughStan and Susan Kramer, Bill Jensen
October 29CONTRAGNCOpen Callers NightOpen band led by The Raggedy Annes (Anne Goess, Andy Eggleston, Charlie Hancock).
To call a dance contact Tom Lehmann, 650-327-8310
October 29ENGLISHFLXRic GoldmanStan & Susan Kramer, Bill Jensen
October 31ENGLISHSBESharon Green & Alan Simpson-VlachNonesuch Country Dance Players (Stan & Susan Kramer, Mark Daly) with Bill Jensen
Wear Fun Outfits (this could be a costume)

Dance Venues

ASEAll Saints Episcopal Church555 Waverley StPalo Alto
DGKDanceGround Keriac1805 Divisadero at BushSan Francisco
FLXFlex-It425 Evelyn AvenueMountain View
FUMFirst United Methodist Church of Palo Alto625 Hamilton at ByronPalo Alto
GNCChrist Church Berkeley (formerly Grace North Church)2138 Cedar StreetBerkeley
HUMHumanist Hall390 27th StreetOakland
MONMonte Toyon CampCathedral DriveAptos
SBESt. Bede's Episcopal Church2650 Sand Hill RdMenlo Park
SFSt. Paul's Presbyterian Church1399 43rd AvenueSan Francisco
STASt. Andrew's United Methodist Church4111 Alma StreetPalo Alto