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BACDS Events Calendar

July 2008

Schedule of Events

July 02CONTRAGNCLynn AckersonOpen Band led by Notorious (Eden MacAdam-Somer, Larry Unger)
July 02ENGLISHFLXCANCELEDNo Dance - Summer Break
July 04ENGLISHMTCANCELEDNo Dance - Hall Remodel
July 05CONTRASFCharlie FentonLuceo (Karl Franzen, Rebecca King, Lee Anne Welch)
July 05 to July 12CAMP/CONTRA/ENGLISH/RITUAL/MUSIC/CRAFTS/WEEKFHSMany callersMany musicians
BACDS Family Dance Week at Foothill Horizons near Sonora. Families of all sizes welcome! see the website
July 05 to July 12CAMP/CONTRA/SQUARES/MUSICMENMany leadersMany fabulous musicians
Mendocino American Week
July 09ENGLISH/WORKSHOPGNCAlisa Dodson (MA)Susan Worland
ECD Workshop for all, 6:30 to 7:30, $5
July 09ENGLISHGNCAlisa Dodson (MA)Pickled Ginger Plus (Avis Minger, Susan Worland, Michael Siemon, Debra Tayleur)
July 11CONTRAHUMJim SaxeThree Fifths of Scotch (Eloise Blanchard, Tony Bishop, Debra Tayleur)
7:30 to 10pm, $9
July 12ENGLISHDGKSharon GreenBubble and Squeak (Stan & Susan Kramer, Craig Johnson)
7 - 10pm NEW HALL!
July 12CONTRAFUMJim SaxeThree Fifths of Scotch (Eloise Blanchard, Tony Bishop, Debra Tayleur)
July 12 to July 19CAMP/ENGLISH/MUSIC/DISPLAYMENMany leadersMany fabulous musicians
Mendocino English Week
July 16CONTRAGNCWarren BlierOpen Band led by The Killarney Boys of Pleasure (Chris Knepper, Eric Hounshell, Lewis Santer)
July 16ENGLISHFLXCANCELEDNo Dance - Summer Break
July 18ENGLISHSBEBob FraleyNonesuch Country Dance Players
(Stan & Susan Kramer, Mark Daly, Mary Tabor) with Bill Jensen - Special Location for Summer Quarter only
July 19CONTRASFJim SaxeSan Francisco Scottish Fiddlers
July 23ENGLISH/WORKSHOPGNCSharon GreenECD Workshop for all, music TBA, 6:30 - 7:30, $5
July 23ENGLISHGNCSharon GreenOpen Band led by The Raggedy Annes (Anne Goess, Andy Eggleston, Charlie Hancock)
July 25CONTRASFCharlie FentonKathrine Gardner, WB Reid (Seattle), Bonnie Zahnow (Seattle)
July 26ENGLISHGNCSharon GreenCharlie Hancock, Shira Kammen, Danny Carnahan
for experienced dancers
July 26WORKSHOP/HAMBOFUMNo TeachingHambo practice time 6 - 7pm, prior to the
evening dance. No teaching, just music for practicing your Hambo steps Free!
July 26CONTRAFUMEric BlackHarmon's Peak
(Karl Franzen, Ernest Kinsolving, Paul Clarke, Art Friedman)
July 27ENGLISHDGKMary LuckhardtAvis Minger, Michael Siemon, Bill Jensen
2 - 5pm Debut afternoon SF English Dance!
July 30CONTRAGNCErik HoffmanOpen Band
led by Pete Chen, Alan Snyder
July 30ENGLISHFLXCANCELEDNo Dance - Summer Break

Dance Venues

DGKDanceGround Keriac1805 Divisadero at BushSan Francisco
FHSFoothill Horizons CampSonora
FLXFlex-It425 Evelyn AvenueMountain View
FUMFirst United Methodist Church of Palo Alto625 Hamilton at ByronPalo Alto
GNCChrist Church Berkeley (formerly Grace North Church)2138 Cedar StreetBerkeley
HUMHumanist Hall390 27th StreetOakland
MENMendocino Woodlands CampMendocino
MTPalo Alto Masonic Temple461 Florence StreetPalo Alto
SBESt. Bede's Episcopal Church2650 Sand Hill RdMenlo Park
SFSt. Paul's Presbyterian Church1399 43rd AvenueSan Francisco