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BACDS Events Calendar

October 2007

Schedule of Events

October 03WORKSHOPGNCErik Hoffman
Learn to Hambo 6:30 - 7:30, $5
October 03CONTRAGNCErik HoffmanOpen band led by the Killarney Boys of Pleasure (Chris Knepper, Eric Hounshell, John Ward)
October 03ENGLISHFLXMary LuckhardtStan Kramer, Bill Jensen, Erik Ievins
October 05ENGLISHMTBob FraleyNonesuch Country Dance Players (Stan & Susan Kramer, Mark Daly) with Bill Jensen
October 06CONTRASFCharlie FentonFlashpoint (Jon Berger, Howard Booster, Rebecca King)
SF Contra 25th Anniversary
October 10ECDWORKSHOPGNCMary LuckhardtDavid Mostardi
Advanced English Workshop, 6:30 - 7:30, $5
October 10ENGLISHGNCMary LuckhardtAnne Goess, David Mostardi, Charlie Hancock
October 12 to October 14CAMP/CONTRA/ENGLISH/MUSIC/FALLMONCis Hinkle, Fred Park, Robin Hayden, othersAndrea Hoag and Serpentine, Jim Oakden, Shira Kammen, others
Fall Dance Weekend at Monte Toyon See website
October 12CONTRAPSSWarren BlierAlan Snyder, Topher Gayle
October 13CONTRAFUMRic GoldmanCeltic Junket (Pat Ryan, Morgan Meadow, Tawnya Kovach)
October 13ENGLISHBETDavid Newitt and Bruce HerboldHMS Society Band (Patti Cobb, Bruce Herbold, Heather MacKay, David Newitt, Katherine Carvajal)
October 14CONTRA/SPECIALHAYCis Hinkle (GA)Serpentine (Andrea Hoag,Charlie Pilzer, Leigh Pilzer, Will Morrison)
Special post-Fall Weekend dance in Hayward - jam 4-5, Chinese dinner 5-6:30, dance 7-10 pm.
October 17CONTRAGNCFred Park (SC)Open band led by 3 O'Clock Shadow (Erik Hoffman, Chris Grampp, Peter Langston, Adam Cavan)
October 17ENGLISHFLXAlan WinstonStan Kramer, Craig Johnson, Paul Kostka
October 19ENGLISHMTBob FraleyNonesuch Country Dance Players (Stan & Susan Kramer, Mark Daly) with William Allen
October 20CONTRASFCharlie FentonSwing Farm (Charlie Hancock, Ray Bierl, Steven Strauss)
October 24ENGLISHGNCDavid NewittOpen band led by HMS Society Band (Patti Cobb, Bruce Herbold, Heather MacKay, David Newitt, Katherine Carvajal)
October 26CONTRASFNick CucciaThe OpporTunists (Alan Snyder, David Hansen, Topher Gayle)
October 26CEILIDHHUMAlan WinstonStan Kramer, Craig Johnson
October 27CONTRA/SPECIALSMTmany Special GhostsHillbillies from Mars
Halloween Contra -- This dance will be held at the San Mateo Masonic Lodge. More information at the website.
October 27ENGLISHGNCAlan WinstonChuck Ward, Erin Vang, Noel Cragg (for experienced dancers)
October 31CONTRAGNCErik HoffmanOpen band led by Chris Knepper, Noel Cragg: come in costume, or not. We’ll have a spooky time...
October 31ENGLISHFLXLise Dyckman, Alan WinstonStan Kramer, Bill Jensen, Jim Oakden
Halloween Party: dress as a dance!

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