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BACDS Events Calendar

October 2006

Schedule of Events

CANCELLED, See October 27th special dance
Hambo Habitat! Come learn to make Hambo a habit! 6:30 to 7:30 pm, $5
October 04CONTRAGNCErik HoffmanOpen Band led by Chris Knepper, Noel Cragg
October 04ENGLISHFLXSharon Green, Jody McGeenStan Kramer, Bill Jensen, Laurie Chastain
October 06ENGLISHMTBob FraleyNonesuch Country Dance Players (Stan Kramer, Susan Kramer, Mark Daly) with Bill Jensen
October 07CONTRASFKirston KothsTipsy House (Jack Gilder, Kevin Bernhagen, Richard Mandel)
October 11ENGLISHGNCLise DyckmanMidnight Smørgasbord (Jon Berger, Erin Vang, Noel Cragg)
October 13CONTRAPSSKaren FontanaRay Bierl, Alan Senauke, Jordan Ruyle
October 13 to October 15CAMP/CONTRA/ENGLISH/MUSIC/FALLMONRon Buchanan, Brooke Friendly, Susan Kevra, Hilary RobertsKaren Axelrod, Daron Douglas, Shira Kammen, Lift Ticket (Rex Blazer, Seth Houston, Sam Bartlett)
Fall Dance Weekend at Monte Toyon see website for more info
October 14ENGLISHBETKalia KlibanJon Berger, Noel Cragg, Bill Jensen
October 14CONTRAFUMDavid NewittHMS [Humu humu nuku nuku apua' a, Maggot, & Strathspey] Society Band (Patti Cobb, Bruce Herbold, Katherine Carvajal, Heather MacKay, David Newitt)
October 18CONTRAGNCErik HoffmanOpen Band led by The Road Oilers (John Pedersen, Mike Drayton, Perry Fly)
October 18ENGLISHFLXAlan WinstonStan Kramer, Bill Jensen, Paul Kostka
October 20ENGLISHMTBob FraleyNonesuch Country Dance Players (Stan Kramer, Susan Kramer, Mark Daly) with William Allen
October 21CONTRASFCharlie FentonThe OpporTunists (Alan Snyder, Erik Hoffman, Topher Gayle)
October 25ENGLISHGNCMary LuckhardtOpen Band led by Pickled Ginger (Avis Minger, Michael Siemon, Debra Tayleur)
October 27CONTRASFCharlie FentonFiddlerats (Caroline McCaskey, Terrell Leidstrand, Cole Ingraham)
October 28SPECIAL/CONTRASMTEric Black & Special GhostsDriving with Fergus (Chris Knepper, Lewis Santer, Vince Wolf, Sean Feder)
26th Annual Hallowe'en Costume Ball. (Click for SPECIAL LOCATION INFO) Bring potluck refreshments, wear a costume to compete for The Ron Award; $16 ($14 for members). Note the special location for tonight's dance
October 28ENGLISHGNCDavid NewittBubble And Squeak (Stan Kramer, Susan Kramer, Craig Johnson)
For experienced dancers

Dance Venues