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BACDS Events Calendar

February 2006

Schedule of Events

February 01CONTRAWORKSHOPGNCErik Hoffmanmusicians TBA
Stylize your Contra, 6:30-7:30, $5
February 01CONTRAGNCTom van DuesenOpen Band led by The OpporTunists (Alan Snyder, Erik Hoffman, Topher Gayle)
February 01ENGLISHFLXJody McGeen, Alan WinstonStan Kramer, Susan Kramer, Bill Jensen
February 03ENGLISHMTAlan WinstonNonesuch Country Dance Players (Stan Kramer, Susan Kramer, Mark Daly) with Ruth Anne Fraley
February 04CONTRASFCharlie FentonChris Knepper, Seth Houston
February 05CEILIDHGNCAlan WinstonLaurie Chastain, Erik Hoffman, Rob Powell
Pre-dance workshop at 6 pm
February 08ENGLISHGNCAlan WinstonJon Berger, Laurie Chastain, Craig Johnson
February 10CONTRAPSSJoyce MillerDarling Angell Band (Rudy Darling, Barry Angell, Thomas Angell)
February 11CONTRAFUMEric BlackSidesaddle (Lee Anne Welch, Kim Elking, Jerry Ashford, Lisa Burns, Rob Horgon)
Valentine's Day comes early this year!
February 11ENGLISHBETLise DyckmanStan Kramer, Susan Kramer, Bill Jensen
My Funny Valentine - an evening of gender-neutral English country dance.
February 15CONTRAGNCWarren BlierOpen Band led by Chris Knepper, Seth Houston
February 15ENGLISHFLXLise DyckmanStan Kramer, Bill Jensen, Erin Vang
February 17ENGLISHMTAlan WinstonNonesuch Country Dance Players (Stan Kramer, Susan Kramer, Mark Daly) with William Allen
February 18CONTRASFAndy WilsonSwing Farm (Charlie Hancock, Ray Bierl, Steven Strauss)
February 22ENGLISHGNCSharon GreenOpen Band led by Susan Worland, Judy Linsenberg, Charlie Hancock
February 24CONTRASFCharlie FentonFear of Commitment (Kathrine Gardner, Charlie Hancock, Craig Johnson)
February 25CONTRAFUMEric BlackThe Guppies (Kathrine Gardner, Jim Oakden, Craig Johnson)
February 25SPECIAL/ENGLISHBETGraham Christian [MA]Jon Berger, Chuck Ward
Beginners' ECD Workshop 2-5pm, $10 (not a BACDS event)
February 25ENGLISHGNCGraham Christian [MA]Charlie Hancock, Judy Linsenberg, Susan Worland
For experienced dancers
February 26SPECIAL/ENGLISHGNCGraham Christian [MA]Jon Berger, Rebecca King
Advanced ECD Workshop, 3:30-6:30pm, $12 (not a BACDS event)

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