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BACDS Events Calendar

February 2005

Schedule of Events

February 02CONTRAGNCErik HoffmanOpen Band led by Rafe Stefanini, Kate Brislin, Maxine Gerber
February 02WORKSHOPGNCErik HoffmanErik Hoffman
Joy of Waltz, 6:30 - 7:30, $5
February 02ENGLISHFLXJody McGeen, Alan WinstonStan Kramer, Bill Jensen, Craig Martin
February 04ENGLISHMTBob FraleyNonesuch Country Dance Players (Stan Kramer, Susan Kramer, Mark Daly) with Elia Van Tuyl
February 05CONTRASFDavid NewittModal Citizens (Kerry Parker, Pam Swan, Debora Chen)
February 06CEILIDHGNCAlan WinstonDick Bagwell, Rob Powell, Erin Vang, Friends
February 09ENGLISHGNCAlan WinstonLaurie Chastain, Noel Cragg, Charlie Hancock
February 11CONTRAPSSKirston KothsKillarney Boys of Pleasure (Chris Knepper, Eric Hounshell, John Ward)
February 12CONTRAFUMEric BlackVista Social Club (Bobbi Nikles, Roland Nikles, Adam Cavan, Lisa Croen, Daren Santos)
February 12ENGLISHBETTom RobyCraig Johnson, Stan Kramer, Susan Kramer
February 16CONTRAGNCNick CucciaOpen Band led by: Three O'Clock Shadow (Erik Hoffman, Chris Grampp, Adam Cavan, Friend)
February 16ENGLISHFLXBruce HamiltonStan Kramer, Bill Jensen, Erin Vang
February 18ENGLISHMTAlan WinstonNonesuch Country Dance Players (Stan Kramer, Susan Kramer, Mark Daly) with Ruth Anne Fraley
February 19CONTRASFCharlie FentonFear of Commitment (Kathrine Gardner, Charlie Hancock, Craig Johnson)
February 23ENGLISHGNCDavid NewittOpen Band led by Danny Carnahan, Judy Linsenberg, Charlie Hancock
February 25CONTRASFWarren BlierTipsy House (Jack Gilder, Kevin Bernhagen, Richard Mandel)
February 26CONTRAFUMEric BlackProfessor Spicer's Dance Tonic (Peter Spicer, Chris Jong, Laurie Rivin)
February 26ENGLISHGNCBen Rotenberg [Los Angeles]Jon Berger, David Mostardi, Rebecca King
February 27SPECIAL/ENGLISHECVLise DyckmanCharlie Hancock, Avis Minger
Playford Workshop, 2-5PM, $8 members/$10 nonmembers. See Playford Ball Website for details.

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