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BACDS Events Calendar

February 2004

Schedule of Events

February 01CEILIDHGNCErik HoffmanMidnight Smorgasbord (Jon Berger, Noel Cragg, Erin Vang)
February 04CONTRAGNCMavis McGaughOpen Band led by Three O'Clock Shadow (Erik Hoffman, Chris Grampp, Adam Cavan)
February 04WORKSHOPGNCErik HoffmanErik Hoffman
Hambo One (Hambo Two in March), 6:30 - 7:30, $5
February 04ENGLISHFLXJody McGeenStan Kramer, Bill Jensen, Paul Kostka
February 06ENGLISHMTAlan WinstonNonesuch Country Dance Players (Stan Kramer, Susan Kramer, Mark Daly, Paul Kostka) with William Allen
February 07CONTRASFCharlie FentonThe Red Planet Rustics (Daniel Steinberg, Ray Bierl, Laurie Rivin)
February 11ENGLISHGNCLise DyckmanDavid Strong, Noel Cragg, Debra Tayleur
February 13CONTRAPSSKirston KothsChris Knepper, John Ward, Vince Wolf
February 14 to February 21SPECIAL/CEILIDH and MORRISVARHugh RipponFour in a Bar
Various ceilidh and morris events throughout the week. See the for more details.
February 14CONTRAFUMEric BlackRay Bierl, Charlie Hancock, Erin Shrader
February 14ENGLISHBETLise DyckmanDavid Strong, Michael Siemon, Bill Jensen
February 18CONTRAGNCLynn AckersonOpen Band led by Ray Bierl, Erin Shrader, Craig Johnson
February 18ENGLISHFLXSharon Green, Alan WinstonBill Jensen, David Strong, Jim Oakden
February 20ENGLISHMTHugh Rippon [England]Four in a Bar [England] (John MacIntosh, Mike Torbe, Dave Shuttleworth, Lynne Cooke)
February 21CONTRASFCharlie FentonKathrine Gardner, Jim Oakden, Charlie Hancock
February 22SPECIAL/ENGLISHECVDavid NewittCharlie Hancock, David Strong
Playford workshop, 2:00-5:00, $8.00. Please check the for more details.
February 22SPECIAL/SQUARE and CONTRAECVCavalcade of CallersHell Brook Loose in Berkeley
Reunion and "13th Anniversary" dance w/ Hell Broke Loose in Berkeley (community band--contact Kathrine Gardner at (650)726-3495 to participate). 7:00-10:00pm, $10 ($8 for BACDS/CDSS/CDSS Affiliate cardholders). Preceded by potluck dinner at 5:30.
February 25ENGLISHGNCTom RobyOpen Band led by Laurie Chastain, Susan Worland, Charlie Hancock
February 27CONTRASFTom RobyErin Shrader, Charlie Hancock, Chris Knepper
February 28CONTRAFUMKirston KothsLuceo (Karl Franzen, Lee Anne Welch, Rebecca King)
February 28ENGLISHGNCBob FraleyBill Jensen, Friends

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